Sunday, March 8, 2009

twitter 301 -- hashtags explained

you don't have to be on twitter long to see that there are lots of people using hashtags, #[followed by a word or acronym], and you may be wondering what they are used for and why you would want to use them. here is a brief explanation:

"Twitter messages may be tagged using hashtags, a word or phrase prefixed with a #, such as #beer.[31] This enables tweets on a specific subject to be found by simply searching for their common hashtag, provided that the user has tagged his or her tweet." (via wikipedia)

you can then search twitter search for all the tweets with those hashtags.

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Elizabeth K. Barone said...

True, but there is so much more to hashtags! For example, if you're having a conversation with another person about #programming, you mark each tweet with that hashtag so that other people interested in #programming can jump in. You can also use hashtags to read your conversation over later on.

I've seen them used for virtual parties (#babyshower), for tweets during television events (#obama), and to discuss big conventions (#sxsw).

Hashtags are a great way to keep track of your conversations, especially if you talk to a lot of people on Twitter.

K. Smith said...

Good point Elizabeth. I also search hashtags when I am conducting marketing research and want to find all of the posts with that hashtag through Twitag. This is a great way for businesses or individuals to follow trends that may be relevant to them.

Net Lease said...

Thanks for the explanation on hashtags. I found them useful for People to find me also, #mortgage, #CRE etc. It is amazing on many People we can be in contact with.

hashtag said...

great info, they are really used for tracking trends and conversations today

Florida Insurance said...

My how Twitter has grown since this article premiered. A day does not go by without seeing the Twitter Logo and hearing it mentioned on TV. The symbols can be tricky to get correct.